One Group, Three Companies

nke Group brings together a team of more than 90 employees who work every day to support causes that are dear to the group, such as the fight against climate change or high-tech innovation to help navigation.
The company is located in Hennebont, in the Morbihan region of Brittany. It is therefore located near the coast and ports to be as close as possible to its customers. The group has a strong international presence, with customers and users in more than 60 countries around the world.
nke Group thus benefits from a strong reputation both nationally and internationally, by being the reference in the monitoring of water quality and in the accompaniment of navigators!

For 30 years nke has been developing innovative instrument systems dedicated to navigation and performance. Whatever your program, should it be racing or cruising, solo or crewed, nke instruments are designed to answer all your needs at every level.

Performance, accuracy and simple, intuitive operation are always kept in mind by our development team to achieve the best information and performance.

The aims of NKE Instrumentation is designingmanufacturing and selling instruments for the measurement and the monitoring of oceans and fresh waters.

The top one priority of NKE Instrumentation is to be involved in the understanding of the blue lung of the planet by developing smart high-tech products.

The fields of applications are rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and deep sea.

Aquaread, subsidiary based in Broadstairs, UK, develops and manufactures dedicated water quality monitoring instruments for portable and permanent applications, telemetry solutions and a complete range of water level sensors.

The company is active in the surface water, groundwater, wastewater and aquaculture markets. It has a strong presence in the UK, as well as internationally through its distribution network.

  • Underwater monitoring instruments that are products designed to measure in-situ the main physico-chemical parameters of fresh and sea water
  • Buoys and instrumented systems aim to measure, transmit and retrieve data in any type of environment
  • Profiling floats are used for oceanographic and environmental studies of the evolution of oceans and climate. NKE Instrumentation is though involved in the international ARGO program to supply temperature and salinity profiling floats.
underwater instrumented system
Underwater Monitoring Instruments
instrumented buoys
Buoys & Instrumented Systems
profiling floats
Profiling Floats
  • Our cruising system is built around the pilot to bring the best comfort and safety. The gyrometer integrated in the Gyropilot’s processor ensures quick response and course stability.
  • Our racing range comprises jumbo displays, multifunction displays and remote controls particularly useful while racing.
  • Sensors, multifunction displays, autopilots, processors…all products in the nke range have the benefit of a wealth of experience of the company in ocean racing.


nke marine electronics instruments for racing


nke marine electronics instruments for ocean racing

Ocean Racing

  • Impressive multiparameter water quality meter testing instruments which are suitable for all kinds of long term, short term and spot deployments.
  • Water level loggers records highly accurate water level and temperature measurements in groundwater and surface water applications
  • Various telemetry options providing you with data to your PC from unmanned deployments.
water quality by aquaread

Water quality

aquaread water level

Water level

profiling floats


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ECOVADIS Certified

nke Group has responded to the Ecovadis benchmarking platform’s assessment, to establish an overview of its CSR performance in terms of the 4 main pillars of the themes assessed by the platform: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing.

For its first assessment, nke Group was awarded the Ecovadis bronze medal in recognition of the initiatives it has put in place over several years.

This bronze medal is a rich learning experience, rewarding the CSR policy that we have consolidated over the years. It will also enable us to better define our commitments for the future and integrate them fully into our development.

ISO 9001 Certified

The Quality Management System of the company nke Group – nke Marine Electronics and nke Instrumentationhas been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the following Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001:2015.


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